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General information
The laboratory was founded by the project “Biotechnology of New Materials” in SibFU, Institute of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology, which had won the competition for the mega-grants of Russian Federation Government within the framework of the program to support research in Russian higher education institutions, supervised by the world leading scientists.
The project is focused on the establishment of the Center of biotechnology excellence; it includes fundamental research, educational and innovative activities in the field of biotechnology of new biomaterials.
The project is fulfilled by the Basic department of Biotechnology, involving the department for Medical Biology and others from SibFU, and resulted with the creation of the Lab of New Materials.
Энтони Дж. Сински (21Кб)
The project is supervised by the world-class leading scientist -Prof. Anthony J. Sinskey, famous in the field of biotechnology of molecular genetic, metabolomics and microbiology. Prof. Sinskey has significant experience in research and realization of his ideas in the field of metabolic engineering, aimed to the obtaining of target products, focusing on fundamental physiology, biochemistry and molecular genetics.

Technica characteristics of equipment
Thermostate shaker-incubator Exella E-24 “New Brunswick”
Thermostate shaker-incubator Exella E-24 “New Brunswick”
1.1 (82Кб)
The thermostate shaker-incubator Exella E-24 “New Brunswick” allows to grow cell cultures in a wide range of temperatures and in various volumes, from 2-5 ml microbiological test tubes to 2.8 l bottles. The growth chamber is tightly closed with a transparent acrylic lid, thus providing an opportunity to directly observe the specimen growing.
The range of temperatures of incubation varies from 7°C to 60°C higher than the temperature of the surrounding environment.
The range of the shaking frequency is 50 - 400 rpm, ± 2.
Orbital shaking is 1,9 cm in diameter.
Universal temperature control is provided by self-correcting microprocessor feedback control and the hermetically constructed growth chamber. A high-speed ventilator provides quick restoration of the temperature in case of overheating.
The temperature and speed are set via the control panel.
The transparent lid of the growth chamber allows to directly observe the specimen and minimizes opening out the shaker. The lid is opened easily providing easy access to the specimen.
RS-232 provides registration and storage of the data about the state of the device.
Shaker’s oscillation is automatically switched off when the lid is opened to provide safety of the operator.
The security system of the thermostate switches off the heating if the set temperature limit is exceeded in order to protect the growing culture.
System of video recording “Molecular Imager Gel Doc XR”

1.2 (77Кб)
The system of video recording “Molecular Imager Gel Doc XR” manufactured by “Bio-Rad” with transilluminator allows to do a number of operations on obtaining digital images of the experiments’ results: from common recording of gels to highly sensitive chemiluminescent detection and registration of with high resolution of 2D gels. The system has a wide range of applications including: detection of nucleic acids, immunoblotting, 2D gel electrophoresis, dot blotting, densitometry, calculation of colonies amount. “Molecular Imager Gel Doc XR” system contains a dark room with switching holder for 5 filters (the yellow one is built-in by default), CCD-video camera, sources of UV and colourless light, printer, control computer with the “Quantity One” software for capture and processing of images. “XcitaBlue” conversional screen for DNA imaging in the set protects DNA samples and the user from UV radiation. Black and white 12 bit (4,096 gray shade) CCD video camera with 1,360х1,024 micron matrix and resolution of 1.4 megapixel. The pixel’s size is 4.6х4.6 microns.
A wide dynamic range of video detection covering over three series.
The video camera with automatic mechanized magnification 8.5-51 mm and digital feedback for reproducibility of the recording conditions.
Real time display at the screen for quick positioning and focusing of the sample.
For lighting the resolving UV light, resolving and reflected colourless light are used.
A built-in transilluminator with switching UV radiation of 254, 302 and 365 nm. The transillumination zone is 25х26 cm.
A 5-position holder for emission filters with one of them being built in (yellow one); it is possible to build in additional 4 emission filters on the “as needed” basis.
Program management of the light sources.
The software is compatible with Windows and MAC OS.
The system sizes are: 60х36х96 cm, weight 32 kg.
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