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General information
The laboratory was founded by the project “Biotechnology of New Materials” in SibFU, Institute of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology, which had won the competition for the mega-grants of Russian Federation Government within the framework of the program to support research in Russian higher education institutions, supervised by the world leading scientists.
The project is focused on the establishment of the Center of biotechnology excellence; it includes fundamental research, educational and innovative activities in the field of biotechnology of new biomaterials.
The project is fulfilled by the Basic department of Biotechnology, involving the department for Medical Biology and others from SibFU, and resulted with the creation of the Lab of New Materials.
Энтони Дж. Сински (21Кб)
The project is supervised by the world-class leading scientist -Prof. Anthony J. Sinskey, famous in the field of biotechnology of molecular genetic, metabolomics and microbiology. Prof. Sinskey has significant experience in research and realization of his ideas in the field of metabolic engineering, aimed to the obtaining of target products, focusing on fundamental physiology, biochemistry and molecular genetics.

First stage
The first stage of the project “Biotechnology of new materials” was completed.
The research at the Stage 1 was completed. In accordance with the calendar plan the family of biodegradable polymers (polyhydroxyalkanoates, PHA) was synthesized using the collection of strains of bacteria Alcaligenes eutrophus В-5786, Ralstonia eutropha В-8562, Cupriavidus eutrophus ВКПМ В-10646. Using the method of gas-liquid chromatography combined with mass-spectrometry the composition of the samples with various chemical structures was identified: poly-3-hydroxybutyrate; copolymers 3- hydroxybutyrate and 3-hydroxyvalerate; copolymers of 3-hydroxybutyrate and 3-hydroxyhexanoate.
Copolymers which contain monomers of 3- hydroxyvalerate and 3-hydroxyalkanoate are characterized by a lower grade of crystallinity (50-6-%) if compared to highly crystalline homopolymer of 3-hydrobutyrate (76-80%). Incorporation of 4-hydroxybutyrate dramatically (to a significantly higher extent if compared to 3- hydroxyvalerate and 3-hydroxyalkanoate) effects the ratio of crystalline and amorphous zones in the copolymer, thus significantly reducing the crystallinity of the later (down to 12-40%) depending on the size of 4-hydroxybutyrate fraction. Molecular weight and molecular-weight distribution of the line of synthesized polymer samples made from 540 000 ± 9 600 to 1 300 000 ± 28 700 Da with the polydispersity index from 1.60 ± 0.03 to 2.76 ± 0.03 without clear dependence on the copolymer composition.
Experimental series of PHA of various composition necessary for fulfilling Stage 2 of the Program were synthesized.
Research team of Stage 1
Academic degree, title Position First name, last name Status
D.Sc.,Prof. Professor Anthony John Sinskey Supervisor
D.Sc. Head of the Chair Ekaterina I. Shishatskaya Co-supervisor
D.Sc., Prof. Head of the Chair Tatyana G. Volova Researcher
D.Sc., Prof. Head of the Chair Valentina A. Kratasyuk Researcher
D.Sc., Academician SibFU Advisor Josef I. Gitelson Researcher
D.Sc., Prof. Professor Petr V. Mironov Researcher
Ph.D., A.P. Senior Researcher Natalia O. Zhila Researcher
Ph.D., A.P. Associate Professor Anatoly N. Boyandin Researcher
Ph.D. Researcher Anastasiya V. Goreva Researcher
Ph.D. Director of the Institute of Fundamental Biology and BiotechnologyValentin A. Sapozhnikov Researcher
Ph.D., A.P. Associate Professor Irina E. Sukovataya Researcher
Ph.D. Professor Nadezhda M. Titova Researcher
Ph.D. Associate Professor Galina I. Borovkova Researcher
Ph.D. Associate Professor Svetlana V. Prudnikova Researcher
Trainee Elena D. Nikolayeva Researcher
Dmitry V. Gulnov Ph.D. student
Nadezhda V. Rimatskaya Ph.D. student
Artemiy A. Pokrovsky Ph.D. student
Olga N. Vinogradova Master student
Dmitry B. Goncharov Master student
Kseniya I. Korobikhina student
Ilya A. Pimenov student
Dariya A. Syrvacheva student
Anna M. Kuzmina student
Irina V. Osipova student
Ph.D. Senior Researcher Galina S. Kalacheva Researcher
Researcher Evgeny G. Kiselev Researcher
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