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General information
The laboratory was founded by the project “Biotechnology of New Materials” in SibFU, Institute of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology, which had won the competition for the mega-grants of Russian Federation Government within the framework of the program to support research in Russian higher education institutions, supervised by the world leading scientists.
The project is focused on the establishment of the Center of biotechnology excellence; it includes fundamental research, educational and innovative activities in the field of biotechnology of new biomaterials.
The project is fulfilled by the Basic department of Biotechnology, involving the department for Medical Biology and others from SibFU, and resulted with the creation of the Lab of New Materials.
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The project is supervised by the world-class leading scientist -Prof. Anthony J. Sinskey, famous in the field of biotechnology of molecular genetic, metabolomics and microbiology. Prof. Sinskey has significant experience in research and realization of his ideas in the field of metabolic engineering, aimed to the obtaining of target products, focusing on fundamental physiology, biochemistry and molecular genetics.

4th stage
The 4th stage of the mega project “Biotechnology new biomaterials” under the supervision of the leading scientist Prof. Anthony John Sinskey has been completed
During the period from July 01 till September 20, 2011 in full compliance with the schedule research, educational organizational work was performed.
The following results were obtained:
Drug efficiency of polymer microparticles loaded with cytostatic drug was studied during the experiment on the tumour cells HeLa
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МТТ test: influence of rubomycinum concentration deposited in polymer microparticles 0.2 microns in size on the amount of viable cells in the culture HeLa: 1,2, 3 – rubomycinum concentration – 0,6, 3,2,6 mcg /ml
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МТТ test: influence of rubomycinum concentration deposited in polymer microparticles 1.2 microns in on the amount of viable cells in the culture HeLa: 1, 2, 3 – rubomycinum concentration – 0,6, 3,2,6 mcg/ml
The efficiency of cytostatic drug deposited in microparticles constructed out of resorbing polymers was demonstrated in realtion to the culture of tumour cells HeLa; the inhibiting effect of the developped form depends on the size of particles and extent of drug loading.
Drug efficiency of the cytostatic drug deposited in the polymer microparticles has been proved in the experiment on the laboratory animals with a significant variant of Erlich’s carcinoma.
Educational component: 60 % of students study by credit rating system; 100% of educational programmes were re-developed for the Standard of the 3rd Generation; an educational and methodological complex for a big practical course was developed and published including a tutorial, programme, methodological guidelines for students’ independent work, organizational and methodological guidelines.
Publications prepared during the period from July till September 2011
List of publications prepared in cooperation with the leading scientist and submitted to scientific journals with the index in the research field “Biotechnology”:
  1. Goreva A.V., Shishatskaya E.I., Volova T.G., Sinskey A.S. Characteristics of polymer microparticles on the basis of resorbed polyesters of oxyalkanoate acids as the platform for drugs depositing and delivery // 2011 – Highly molecular compositions (approved for publication)
  2. Nikolayeva E.D., Shishatskaya E.I., MOchalov K.E., Volova T.G., Sinskey A.J. Comparative study of cellular carriers obtained from resorbed polyhydroxyalkanoates of various chemical composition / Cellular transplantology and tissue engineering, 2011 (approved for publication)
    Regarding the project::
  3. N. Zhila, T. Volova, D. Sirvacheva, I. Osipova Microbial synthesis and characterization of poly)3-hydroxtbytyrate-co-4- hydroxybytyrate)copolymers // Journal of Siberian Federal University. Biology (2011) №2 (approved for publication)
  4. E.I. Shishatskaya, A.V. Goreva, G.S. Kalacheva, T.G. Volova
    Biocompatability and resorption of intravenously administered polymer microparticles in tissue of internalorgans of laboratory animals // Journal of Biomater Sci Polym Ed. - 2011, V.22, P.2185 - 2203.
  5. Nikolayeva E.D., Goncharov D.B., Shishatskaya E.I. / Influence of treatment with Н2О2О-plasma on the properties of cellular carriers obtained from resorbed polyesters “bioplastotan” // Cellular transplantology and tissue engineering, 2011, V.6, No.2, P.65-70.
    In the field “Biotechnology”:
  6. Makhutova O.N., Sushchik N.N., Gladyshev M.I., Ageev A.V., Pryanichnikova E.G., Kalachova G.S. Is the Fatty Acid Composition of Freshwater Zoobenthic Invertebrates Controlled by Phylogenetic or Trophic Factors? LIPIDS (2011) Volume: 46 Issue: 8 Pages: 709-721.
  7. Sorokin N.D., Afanasova E.N. Microbe indication of soiled polluted with industrial emissions // 2011 – Siberian Ecological Journal Issue 18 No. 5 P. 689-695*.
  8. E. Eremeeva, L. Frank, S. Markova, T. Vysotsky Ca2+-regulated Photoprotein Obelin as N-terminal Partner in the Fusion Proteins // Journal of Siberian Federal University. Biology, 2010, No. 4, P. 372-383*
  9. Ronzhin N.O., Kharin K, Puzyr A., Bondar V. Nanodiamonds in biotechnology: application for proteins isolation and development of indicating test systems // Journal of Siberian Federal University. Biology 4, 2010 No.3, P. 418-433*
Three components of the teaching and methodological complex for the course “Modern equipment and methods of biological systems research” were published:
3m (478Кб)

The innovation part of the project was fulfilled by the team of undergraduate and Master students at interregional and regional forums. Dmitry Goncharov, Anna Kuzmina and Anna Shumilova during the period from July 01 till July 08, 2011 participated in the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum “Selinger-2011”, the part “Innovations and technical creativity” where they learned to apply their ideas in innovations, projects in production, obtained necessary knowledge in the field of projects standardization and commercialization. There was the second stage at the Forum – “Zvorykinsky award”. Over 1,000 projects from various parts of Russia were considered, but only 250 projects were approved to pass to the next stage – and our project was among them. The team completed the programme “Selinger-2011” and received the certificates for successful work.
From July 26 till August 01, 2011 the education continued at the interregional educational forum “Team Biryusa” organized for young innovators, entrepreneurs, young scientists and representatives of youth regional movements at the shore of Krasnoyarsk water reservoir. During 5 days our team had training in the field of innovations, business, projects realization and commercialization. All members of the team were awarded with certificates for achievements in the educational programme of the Forum. Organizers of Krasnoyarsk Research and Business School particularly noted our project and awarded Anna Shumilova with the certificate for business training GlobalInternatonal MBA for further development.
From September 22 till September 24, 2011, Anna Kuzmina and Anna Shumilova visited International Youth Innovation Forum Interra in Novosibirsk which is one of the most attractive interregional and international sites in Russia. During the 3-day period our Ph.D. students were not only participants, but also guests of the Forum; they attended lectures and seminars in the field “Business” and were awarded with certificates for successful completion of the educational program.
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